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Carson Supply is in Port Elgin, Ontario and has been in business for over 40 years. We are a family run business, consisting of many well-known individuals providing expertise in services including quotations, design assistance, technical assistance and daily deliveries to your warehouses and jobsites. Carson Supply is the leading provider of wholesale Plumbing, HVAC, Waterworks and Precast across Ontario and beyond.

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It is our mission to provide outstanding customer service and after sales support. We will supply you with the industry’s newest, high quality and competitive products on the market today.


It’s hard to believe that it’s been 40 years since our founder, Roger Carson Sr., along with his two sons, David and Roger came up with the idea to start a small company repairing pumps and doing renovations.


In our first year we acquired adjacent land to our original location, in our second year we leased a building in town and began selling fittings to Home Hardware Canada. Soon after our manufacturing division began when we invested in injection moulds to produce sewer fittings. We didn’t have the machines, but there were companies that would do it for us.


For the first few years we had a Mennonite business called, “Joe’s Wagons” make our fittings using a diesel generator to run the machines. With the purchase of the injection moulds came the name “Carson’s Custom Injection Moulding”. Roger Sr. was always out pounding the pavement looking for new customers and new ideas to expand our business. His adventures and stories were endless. We were quickly running out of space as our pump repair/renovation business was growing into more of a wholesale distribution every day. We never did any renos, but Roger Jr. has fixed a lot of pumps over the years and his pump knowledge is amazing!


Our first big expansion happened in 1986 when our second site, located at 714 Elgin St., Port Elgin was purchased. Our business was growing and we added new products, customers, staff and inventory. On one of Roger Sr. infamous trips, he purchased a portion of a pipe company called, “Appalachian Pipe Company” and just like that we were not only selling pipe, but we were also making it.


In 1992 we purchased the site we are still at today. The building and the land would be large enough to support our injection moulding machines and our wholesale business. Knowing that we could make our own pipe at our location had Roger Sr. looking for his own extruders. He found them at a company in Texas called, “The East Texas Pipe Company”. In 1995 we added a 10,000 sq. ft.  addition to house our pipe extruders.


In late 1999, Roger Sr. and Ursula decided it was time for them to retire and sold the business to their children, Dave, Roger, Virginia, Fred and long-time employee David Campbell.


In the early years of the new ownership, we have continued to add new products to our distribution including, HVAC and precast products. In 2004 we purchased our first crane truck to allow us to deliver concrete septic tanks. Since 2005 we have experienced a steady growth and are always looking for our next addition to the ever-growing Carson Supply and Carson's Custom Moulding.

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